Exectutive Committee of ER-WCPT will meet in Pabianice

On December 5 and 7, in Pabianice, will be held the meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Region of the World Confederation of Physiotherapy. On December 6, on Friday, members of the European WCPT authorities will participate in the Congress of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy.

In Pabianice, you will meet:

  • Chairman of the ER-WCPT – Esther-Mary D’Arcy,
  • 1st Vice Chairman of the ER-WCPT – Roland Craps,
  • 2nd Vice Chairman of the ER-WCPT – Carmen Suárez,
  • Treasurer – Unnur Pétursdóttir
  • Regional Board Member of WCPT – John Xerri de Caro,
  • General Secretary – David Gorria

Obviously, Polish ER-WCPT board members will also participate in the congress – alternative member Zbigniew Śliwiński and alternative regional representative in WCPT – Sebastian Zduński.