3rd Pabianice Conference of Young Scientists

The Pabianice Conference of Young Scientists will be the third time accompanying the Conferences and Congresses of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy in Pabianice.

And also, as in previous editions, it will be divided into two sessions – student and doctoral.

Works should be sent via the Congress sumbissions system, selecting the appropriate session within 3PCYS.

We cordially invite all young scientists to submit speeches!

Exectutive Committee of ER-WCPT will meet in Pabianice

On December 5 and 7, in Pabianice, will be held the meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Region of the World Confederation of Physiotherapy. On December 6, on Friday, members of the European WCPT authorities will participate in the Congress of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy.

In Pabianice, you will meet:

  • Chairman of the ER-WCPT – Esther-Mary D’Arcy,
  • 1st Vice Chairman of the ER-WCPT – Roland Craps,
  • 2nd Vice Chairman of the ER-WCPT – Carmen Suárez,
  • Treasurer – Unnur Pétursdóttir
  • Regional Board Member of WCPT – John Xerri de Caro,
  • General Secretary – David Gorria

Obviously, Polish ER-WCPT board members will also participate in the congress – alternative member Zbigniew Śliwiński and alternative regional representative in WCPT – Sebastian Zduński.

Konkurs wiedzy w Pabianicach

We invite students of physiotherapy to participate in the 1st National Championships of Knowledge and Skills Students of Physiotherapy, which will take place as part of the XVII Congress of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy. Contest will be in Polish language.

Participants will have complimentary participation at the Congress, but the number of places is limited!

Regulamin konkursu

Formularz zgłoszeniowy

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We invite you to participate in congress

Dear Sir/Madam

in 2019 will be held the Congress of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy. In the Fabryka Wełny hotel in Pabianice for the sixth time, we will have the pleasure of hosting physiotherapists and doctors involved in rehabilitation, who will present numerous lectures and scientific posters. Numerous practical workshops will be conducted and the participants will also be able to visit the exhibition of rehabilitation equipment. We are convinced that this year’s edition will be unique. During the Congress, we will choose the new authorities of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy, which is the only representative of Poland in the World Confederation of Physiotherapy (including ER-WCPT Management), so it will be a selection of people that Polish physiotherapists can still proudly represent on the international forum. also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the position of the president of the Main Board of PSP by dr. Kilianski’s brand. These were the years in which physiotherapy became an important medical profession, among others thanks to the act on the physiotherapist’s profession, which President Marek Kiljański, Vice-Presidents Jan Szczegielniak and Zbigniew Śliwiński together with Deputy Dariusz Dziadzio in July 2014 brought to the marshal’s staff. until the date of the Congress, we will keep you informed about what is important and interesting will take place in Pabianice. We hope that you will be with us also this year. We invite you to Pabianice in December !!!